Sounds of the Jungle App Reviews

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Awful app.

Way Cool!!

Awesome!!! Used it for Vacation Bible School. The kids were enraptures!


No looping sounds together continually. Gay.


It is domb

beware of this app

this app froze my ipod and the music kept playing all of the sounds at once even when i turned it off for 5 mins beware!

Love this app!!

Awesome! Thanks for creating this app! Comes in handy to liven up dull conference calls!! It would be nice to have a silence or mute button when you want to stop the sounds abruptly like when the boss is walking toward you.

It almost screwed my iPod up

I hit 2 sounds on accident and it locked up and froze my iPod for 5 min+

Worst app

Thought I broke my ipod sound wount stop for like 20 minutes n it lock up ur whole system


It's a pretty good ap. Just don't press all the sounds at once LOL u don't wanna know what happens


Lions don't live in the jungle!! I'm so mad.

Great for the little kid (in me!)

I got it to amuse my one year old boy, which it does very well. I like it too - stable enough to resist his frantic fingers - and saves me from having to try and impersonate a chimp!

Nice realistic sounds

It was so cool to have these sounds while reading a storybook set in the jungle. My boys had fun takings pressing the buttons. Thanks!

Pretty good

The app is great but the sounds are too long...please fix

Pretty pointless

Not too mention annoying. Does what it says but breaks if you cause too many loops. Apple really dropped the ball testing this one. My wife broke it in 30 seconds causing my iPhone too lock up with an infinitely layered loop. It was pretty ugly.


This is entertaining.

Great app!

Works as promised. I like the sounds.


Used multiple sounds and was forced to restart iPod! If I was able to give 0 stars I would

Kids liked it!

Used it to show my younger kids animal sounds and names.

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